Phyto Cell

Treatment Description

Skin Rejuvenating, Chemical & Acid Free

Keratinization, or cellular proliferation is a process whereby the skin naturally sheds and renews itself; it is vital for maintaining a healthy skin. In the process of keratinization, the keratinized cells will slough off and are replaced naturally by underlying cells that, in turn become keratinized.

However age, environmental factors, occlusive skin care products, medication, and congenital predisposition to hyper-keratinization tend to slow down the desquamation process. Dead skin cells then remain attached to the skin, causing the epidermis to become congested, impairing the oxygen exchange and skin respiration.

PhytoCell utilizes the natural plant enzymes and mineral extract to channel moisture, dissolve dead keratinized skin cells and stagnant cutaneous deposits, and hence able to reduce acne inflammation, regulate sebum production, improving skin color and texture, resurface scar and wounded skin, enabling the skin to breathe effectively and ensuring maximum absorption of active ingredients.

Resurfacing your skin with PhytoCell Treatment will result in more youthful and healthy–looking skin. PhytoCell Treatment will deeply stimulate collagen and enhance your skin cells. It treats acne and decreases wrinkles caused by aging and commonly used as a dermabrasion device. There will be no side effects.





Phyto Cell 植物干细胞美疗采用天然的植物酵素和矿物萃取物,为肌肤输导水分并溶解死皮、停止分泌物堆积、减少暗疮发炎、调节油脂生产、改善肌肤色泽,更年轻、更健康,去除暗疮印、使肌肤能够有效呼吸,让肌肤上死皮自然脱落,让肌肤得以透气并重获新生。