Skin Renew® Academy 2019 New Intake | Professional Cosmetology Courses


Skin Renew Beauty Academy was founded in the year 2000 to train talented individuals for a career in the beauty industry. It has up to 18 years of experience in operating beauty business which includes beauty salon franchise, wholesale, slimming, SPA as well as R&D in teaching experience. Today, the academy has two premises to train beauty talents, with high growth prospects and expansion in the near future due to the soaring number of student enrollment.


The academy is committed to continuously enhance the training level in order to provide a wide range of professional beauty and cosmetology courses as well as ensure that potential students are able to apply their knowledge to pave the way for a career in the beauty industry. The academy consistently strives to possess 21st century world-class level in international leadership, obtaining nationwide and international recognition for its professional diploma level thereby ensuring brilliant prospects in cosmetology for its students.


Skin Renew Professional Cosmetology courses are specially designed for students in accordance with 21st century beauty education developments, growth in the beauty industry and existing market needs. This is to ensure that graduates are able to garner employment and excel in modern cosmetology.


The academy’s teaching strategies employs both theoretical and practical approach. Through a rigorous assessment and allocation of resources, the academy uses the most flexible, practical, and practical mode of learning, giving students the highest quality of education. Special attention is given to students to master salon operation’s practical skills, laying a strong stable foundation for future career development. The academy has successfully trained graduates who are highly qualified in the beauty industry, equipped with vast knowledge and technical skills required.


In addition to providing professional high-quality cosmetology education and training, Skin Renew Academy is also determined to enhance the quality of the beauty industry by providing substantial employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in its contribution towards the development of SMEs in Malaysia.


SKIN RENEW Standard Professional Cosmetology Courses specialize designated in accordance with the development of Cosmetology Education of 21st century, industry requisite and the Market needs. Ensure that graduates will be able to immediately perform output at working environment!


SKIN RENEW teaching approach is both theory and practical two-way attention; focusing on leading trainees mastered highest standard practical skills of Salons operation, so as to lay a strong stabilize foundation for future career prospect.

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Skin Renew® Academy 2019 New Intake | Professional Cosmetology Courses



At Skin Renew Academy, we only recruit the “3E” teacher, which is “Expertise“, “Experience” and “Excellent“. Our main lecturer,Ms.Kayla,hold the qualification of SKM – Pekhidmatan Terapi Estetik Tahap Dua, World Master International Beautician Diploma,Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology Diploma, International Federation of Aestheticians Diploma,World Master Professional Beauty Associates Certificate of of fixation, has more that 27 years of experience in the beauty industry.


Our teachers are key to the success of our students and engage with them on a familiar and one-to-one basis. Our teaching objectives is to bring the lesson to life with a strong emphasis on fully interactive participation and a communicative approach. We discourage the dull and boring way of learning like reading textbooks, tons of homework and paperwork. We prefer our classes to be hands-on, communicative and interactive.

Professional Beauty Therapist Certificate

  • Professional Beauty knowledge
  • Image management & professional ethics
  • Advanced Beauty Electrotherapy
  • Skin Care & Massage skills
  • Makeup skills

Assessment : Theory, Practical, Preparation of Portfolio, Oral Questions
Qualification : Ofqual Certificate, ABS Diploma Certificate
Course Duration: 2 months

Professional Diploma in Beauty Consultancy

Assessment : Theory, Practical, Preparation of Portfolio, Oral Questions
Qualification : Advanced Diploma Ofqual Certificate, ABS Diploma Certificate
Course Duration: 24 months (Learning and Training)

International Esthetician Diploma Course

Assessment : Theory, Practical, Preparation of Portfolio, Oral Questions
Qualification :
Diploma Ofqual Certificate, ABS Diploma Certificate
Course Duration:
9 months (Learning and Training)

Aesthetician Curriculum

  • Up to 18 communication training, receive 21 different types of client
  • 21 sales techniques, up to 41 closing techniques
  • Emphasis on skin analysis, able to diagnose and treat up to 12 different skin types
  • Learn more than 10s medical & traditional therapy
  • Learn more than 12 latest beauty instrument
  • Retail Handling
  • Customer Psychology
  • Interpretation Of Client Database
  • Marketing Planning
  • Promotion Planning
  • Beauty Consultancy Practice
  • Operation Management