Advance Medilift – Face Lift Treatment

Skin Renew® Advance Medilift Skin Care Treatment

Shape Up Your Face from Round to V Shaped


This is a non-surgical face lift treatment by using iontophoresis. It is the latest technology used in cosmetic treatment to reshape, lighten and restore elasticity of the skin. It is basically an injection without a needle where electrode induces the ion exchange interaction of active ingredients so that it could penetrate into the skin to activate cell regeneration system, lighten skin tone, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin as well as to increase the water retention capacity of the skin in order to achieve a firm, smooth, elasticity with radiant transparency result.

The vibration system from the ultrasound and Infrared will stimulate the metabolism of the skin and dissolve excessive fatty tissue under skin which will then be secreted from the body together with toxins to achieve a V-Shaped.

Skin Renew® Advance Medilift Skin Care Treatment

Neck : Reducing neck wrinkles and double chin, increasing elasticity and firming

Lip area: Reduce expression lines and lifting the mouth

Cheeks : Reduce laugh line, enlighten wrinkles scar, increasing the tenseness of muscle

Under eye area : Reduce eye fine line and wrinkles, dark eye circle and eye bag

Forehead : Reduce fine lines, increasing forehead lift, brow lift also making the skin smooth and supple.