HIFU Facelift Treatment Malaysia

What is HIFU Treatment?

HIFU stands for ‘High Intensity Focused Ultrasound’, this treatment can target various depths of the body’s tissue for skin tightening, skin lifting and contouring.

HIFU treatment for the face works as a non-invasive facelift. It tightens the skin, irons out wrinkles, shrinks pores, targets the ‘V’ line formation and Jowell lines. HIFU improves overall skin tone, pores, brightness and elasticity.

Entirely non-invasive, HIFU  works by targeting deep layers in the skin – it boosts new collagen production and collagen regeneration right at the source.

Treatment is quick, very tolerable and has no downtime.


HIFU treatments are based on hyperthermia lifting theory. The HIFU transducer irradiates 65-75Cº of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) energy into the skin, this then creates thermal coagulation on the target layers of skin tissue with no damage on the skin surface.

The skin starts to undergo wound healing process that simulates collagen synthesis and regeneration. Unlike lasers, radio frequency, surgery and other cosmetic procedures, HIFU bypasses the surface of the skin to deliver the right amount of ultrasound energy at the right depths within the skin at the desired temperature. This HIFU energy triggers a natural response under the skin, causing the body to enter into the regenerative process, resulting in the production of new collagen.

Badly Damage

Loss of collagen, elastic mesh deformation weakness

HIFU for the 1st time

Collagen protein, fiber elastic recovery, improve significantly

HIFU for several times

Stability of collagen, elastic net strong support,

smoothes out wrinkles

DS-1.5mm cartridge

used to treat superficial fine lines and smoothen skin texture

DS-3.0mm cartridge

for dermis layer tightening, lifting and wrinkle reduction.

DS-4.5mm cartridge

tightens the muscular layer and stimulation of collagen products .

HIFU Results

Clients will see a 20% result immediately with the remaining 80% appearing over the next 2-3 months. In the majority of cases only twice treatment per year will be needed, however, if you feel you would like more further treatments, this can be done at 4 to 6 monthly intervals. Generally, only one or two sessions are required. Benefits from HIFU treatment can be seen within 4 weeks, with further gains being reported for up to six months*

8 Treatment Parts of the Face & Neck zone