Renewal Complex


富含Lime Pearl™和Superox C™(世界上最丰富的维生素C来源),结合了最强效的活性成分,有助于重塑肌肤纹理,减少变色,改善肌肤光泽,促成健康肌肤。持续使用可让皮肤看起来更光滑,更明亮,以及大幅度的年轻化。

富含Lime Pearl™和Superox C™(世界上最丰富的维生素C来源),结合了最强效的活性成分,有助于重塑肌肤纹理,减少变色,改善肌肤光泽,促成健康肌肤。持续使用可让皮肤看起来更光滑,更明亮,以及大幅度的年轻化。


Renewal Complex也是史上最突出的逆转衰老的护肤奥秘。持续使用可让皮肤看起来更光滑,更明亮,以及大幅度的年轻化。

♦ 增加肌肤光泽和亮度

♦ 均匀肤色和缩小毛孔

♦ 避免肤色暗沉和色素沉淀

♦ 100%不含香料和色素


澳洲指橙Lime Pearl™ – 珍贵果酸的新来源

澳洲指橙Lime Pearl™,Renewal Complex的主要成分,能够有效的分解肤色较暗人群的潜在黑色素。 澳洲指橙也被称为澳洲手指青柠,源自于东北新南威尔士州和澳大利亚昆士兰州东南部的热带雨林,是时下最创新的成份,长期使用可均衡肤色,达到更明亮,更平滑的肌肤。

超氧化物-CTM – 世界上最富有的维生素C来源

超氧化物-C™ 是来自澳大利亚本土植物园的卡卡杜李萃取的活性成分,被称为世界上最富有的维生素C来源的超级水果。它的维生素C的含量是橙的100倍,拥有加强细胞的抗氧化能力。


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Renewal Complex



  • A potent skin renewal booster
  • This ultimate moisturizer is enriched with Lime Pearl™ and Superox C™
  • Resurface skin’s texture, minimize discoloration
  • Skin look smoother, brighter and dramatically luminosity
  • Suitable for all skin type

This ultimate moisturizer is enriched with Retinol and Superox C™ (world richest source of Vitamin C), combination of the most powerful actives to help resurface skin’s texture, minimize discoloration and improve skin luminosity to reveal a healthy looking skin. It helps diminish the fine lines and wrinkles, increases skin firmness and elasticity. Skin becomes smooth, fine, supple and glowing after commencing use.


This breakthrough retinol base cream harnesses the potency of retinol, the gold standard in anti-aging, without the retinol side effects- including skin irritation, peeling, redness and sensitivity.


Renewal Complex is also the most prominent skin care ever to reverse aging. Continuously use of this potent skin renewal booster will make your skin look smoother, brighter and dramatically younger.

♦ Increases skin radiance, glossiness and luminosity

♦ Evens skin tone and refines pore size

♦ Reduce discoloration and mottled pigmentation

♦ 100% fragrance- and colorant-free

Main Ingredients:

Lime Pearl™ – New Source of Precious AHAs

Lime Pearl™, the main ingredient in Renewal Complex is able to break down the melanosomes retain in darker shades people. Famously known as Australian Caviar Lime which originates from sub-tropical rainforest of North Eastern New South Wales and South East Queensland of Australia, is a new innovative ingredients used to achieve smoother, brighter and even skin complexion.

Superox-CTM – World’s Richest Source of Vitamin C

Superox CTM is a botanical active ingredients extracted from native Australian Kakadu Plum extract, a unique superfruit known as the world’s richest source of vitamin C. It is 100 times more powerful than an orange. It reinforces cell antioxidant defences to better protect against oxidative stress.

Steps of use:

Make up remover ⇒ Cleanser ⇒ Tone ⇒ Eye Care ⇒ Renewal Complex ⇒ Moisturizer ⇒ Sun Protection

Direction of use:

After cleansing and toning, apply sufficient amount on the palm and massage gently to the entire face and neck in a gentle circular motion.

WEIGHT 0.018 kg
DIMENSIONS 3 × 3 × 10 cm
Vol 18 ml