Stem Cell Scrub Exfoliate


♥ Refine the skin texture

♥ Eliminating dead cells

♥ Fresh, bright and supple

A fine face exfoliant using pineapple enzyme and fermented yeast to refine the skin texture on the face. It purifies the skin while eliminating dead cells from superficial layers, cleaning and oxygenating the treated area; leaving it fresh, bright and supple.


♦ Daily skin resurfacer treatment

♦ Removes dead skin effectively

♦ Reveal a fresh, brighter and radiant Looking skin

♦ Promotes even skin tone

♦ Minimizes dark spots, scar and discoloration


After face cleansing, apply evenly all over face and gently rub using circular motion. Wash off with water then apply daily skin care.

WEIGHT 0.06 kg
DIMENSIONS 3 × 4 × 12 cm
Vol 60ml
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