Phytic Acid is an organic substance produced from brown rice, the powerful anti-oxidants which effective for anti-radical, anti-aging and anti-inflammation effects. Phytic acid able to refine skin texture with strong exfoliate the dead keratin, aid skin care penetrate deeper to enhance cell metabolism, reduce sebum production, dilute spot, restore scaring, refine pore to improve skin condition.

Nourishes repair system (NRS) is a highly potent acne solution treatment with a variety of benefits such as reduction of acne lesions, balances out the oil and sebum, great for skin lightening, reducing pore size, mild to moderate exfoliation and smoothing effects.

During the skin repair treatment, skins will slightly irritation and few people will experience reddish but all reaction is under the safety level. This concentrate is clinically proven have better whitening effect and mild irritation than amino acid.

Skin Repair Treatment Malaysia
Skin Renew® Nourishes Repair System - Beauty Care Treatment
Skin Renew® Nourishes Repair System - Beauty Care Treatment