Phyto Cell Skin Rejuvenating

Skin Renew® Phyto Cell Skin Rejuvenating - Skin Care Treatment



Keratinization, or cellular proliferation is a process whereby the skin naturally sheds and renews itself; it is vital for maintaining a healthy skin. In the process of keratinization, the keratinized cells will slough off and are replaced naturally by underlying cells that, in turn become keratinized. However age, environmental factors, occlusive skin care products, medication, and congenital predisposition to hyper-keratinization tend to slow down the desquamation process. Dead skin cells then remain attached to the skin, causing the epidermis to become congested, impairing the oxygen exchange and skin respiration.

PhytoCell utilizes the natural plant enzymes and mineral extract to channel moisture, dissolve dead keratinized skin cells and stagnant cutaneous deposits, and hence able to reduce acne inflammation, regulate sebum production, improving skin color and texture, resurface scar and wounded skin, enabling the skin to breathe effectively and ensuring maximum absorption of active ingredients. Resurfacing your skin with PhytoCell Treatment will result in more youthful and healthy–looking skin. PhytoCell Treatment will deeply stimulate collagen and enhance your skin cells. It treats acne and decreases wrinkles caused by aging and commonly used as a dermabrasion device. There will be no side effects.

Benefits and Features of Phyto Cell

Experts found the a rare freshwater needle sponge named Spongilla in Danube River, and found that tiny needle-like crystal sponge able to penetrate depth into skin stimulate skin microcirculation, remove the aging skin keratinocytes so that able to clean the bacterium inside pores. Seaweed contains tiny spicules crystal that penetrates the skin, whitening it, reducing acne and lightening dark spots. Science has learned to utilize Seaweed crystal to enter epidermic cells where it reduces sebum, tighten pores, leaving your skin clearer and more youthful looking.

Skin Renew® Phyto Cell Skin Rejuvenating - Skin Care Treatment

How the treatment work?

The therapist uses Seaweed crystals which contain tiny spicules (minus structures composed of calcium carbonate or silica). The Seaweed is blended with vitamins and minerals. Once applied, Seaweed crystal will then gently penetrates your skin for 7-10 minutes.

After Treatment Care


The Seaweed crystal remians inside your epidermal skin layer 24-48 hours before dissolving. During that time your skin will experience a mild redness. The Seaweed crystal is stimulating the existing collagen. New epidermal skin is developing immediately. At night, you will wash your face gently and apply nourishing cream.

Phyto Cell Results

At first you will experience some dry skin on the treatment area. It will peel for 3-5 days after the treatment, and then you will discover your new, rejuvenated skin. You may apply nourishing cream and put on sun block with SPF of at least 30.

How often can you use Phyto Cell?

Phyto Cell Treatment for treating acne, blemishes and inflamed pimple. This treatment is safe and beneficial if undertaken every two weeks.

Process of Phyto Cell Treatment
Skin Renew® Phyto Cell Skin Rejuvenating - Skin Care Treatment
Testimonial After Phyto Cell Treatment
Skin Renew® Phyto Cell Skin Rejuvenating - Skin Care Treatment