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  • A natural extract derived from Daisy Flower Blossoms.
  • The essential of bellis perenis is obtained through the advanced technology of Supercritical CO2 in which all the functional components of bellis perenis are well protected without being destroyed during the extraction process.
  • Bellis perenis produces brighter looking skin by interfering in different stages of melanogenesis; prior, during and after melanin formation.
  • Deep cleansing, purification of skin and minimize open pores.

What is Pure White Intense?

  • Skin Renew’s latest high performance face whitening treatment in Malaysia.
  • After many years of experimenting skin depigmenting agent, Prof. Dr Bradley Freire found that bellis perenis (Daisy Flower Blossoms) contains the most saponins, polyphenols and polysaccharides which interfere with different mechanisms involved in melanogenesis.
  • Bellis perenis or Daisy Flower Blossoms is the key ingredient in PureWhite Intense treatment programmes and products, giving translucent skin that glows from within.

How does Pure White Intense works?

  • With deep purification process, our skin achieve the pH of 3.5.
  • At pH 3.5, our new skin can absorb skin care 300x times better.
  • Concentrated doses of Pure White Intense will be administered onto our skin with the expert hands of Skin Renew’s therapists.
  • The whole programme will end with neutralizing process, our skin achieve pH of 5.5 and all the essential components of PureWhite Intense will be locked in the skin.
  • Immediate whitening result (2 shades whiter).
Skin Renew® Pure White IntenseTreatment
Instant Skin Whitening Effect
Fairer and luminous skin0%
Minimize pigment clusters0%
Translucent complexion0%
Leaves skin feeling smooth and silky0%